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If you owe more on your property than its current value and/or you are behind on your monthly payments a short sale is the smart option millions of property owners are choosing. A short sale is almost identical to a regular sale of your property. The exception being you are selling your property for less than the amount you owe and all lien holders agree to accept the sales price as payment in full. You sell your residential or commercial property and walkaway owing nothing! The mortgage(s) are completely forgiven the day you sell. Property owners have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars even millions have been forgiven. There are no upfront fees, no commissions, no legal fees and no closing costs in the short sale so you pay absolutely nothing. If you’re behind on your payments you can avoid foreclosure, your credit is less impacted and you can get a fresh start. In some instances your bank may even pay you cash just for agreeing to do a short sale! Call, chat or click the get started button now to speak to a Short Sale Specialist and get expert advice and a free consultation. Representatives are standing by to help you.

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