Keep the house, sell the house, lose the house…

At least you have choices and you don’t even need a dime.

The housing bubble. The biggest economic event to hit the US economy since the great depression. There’s no question it’s reshaped America’s housing market. It was the collision heard around the world; unemployment spiraled out of control, home values plummeted and questionable mortgage practices brought legendary Wall Street giants, even government backed agencies to their knees. What’s leftover is a new and radically different real estate market.

Although most of the old dinosaur real estate franchises refuse to adjust to the new market, refreshing, well-adjusted real estate enterprises have evolved and are providing real solutions for homeowners, troubled, or not. In the pre-housing bubble days if you were behind on your payments you were most likely going to lose your property, face a sheriff’s eviction and suffer the financial and emotional consequences of foreclosure.

Today that has changed, and it’s a good thing to come out of this crisis. Most homeowners who are behind on their payments now have options, keep the house, sell the house or of course, lose the house to foreclosure.

Having the opportunity to make choices is great, but the key is to capitalize on the opportunities. Homeowners cannot take a reactive stance and just wait and see. A proactive approach almost always has a happy ending. Banks and Lenders are more flexible than ever and have built entire divisions over the last 5 years to help homeowners make intangible options their reality.

So what’s so hard?

It’s all new, and most real estate professionals have not adapted to the “new” real estate market. That’s why you need your own specialist, a professional who has, “been there, and done that” when it comes to your specific needs. You could be behind on your payments, facing foreclosure or owe more on your home than it’s currently worth. Maybe, you just want to sell your home quickly because you need cash or you just don’t want to pay a commission.

No matter what, these are not your typical real estate transactions and your staring down the barrel at what is most likely one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. You need a specialist to address your specific situation. Simply put, you don’t visit a dentist when you’re having a heart attack. The good news is, you can find the specialist you need and in almost every case it doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

Looking to sell your property fast?

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